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Trip to America~番外編・Triciaの話~

I told Tricia one of my friends is working in Africa as a volunteer. She asked me if the friend was a doctor or a nurse. My friend is not a doctor and I had no idea what I would answer to her question. I thought and thought, and said,” she is nothing.” A second later, Tricia burst into laughing in the quiet plane.

これからアフリカに行くと言うトリシアに、「私の友達にアフリカでボランティアとして働いている人がいるよ」と話したところ、「その友達はなにをやっているの?医者?看護士?」と聞いてきたのでした。その友達(女子)は医者でも看護士でもないので、むむ~、と考えてひねり出した英語が”she is nothing.”でした。次の瞬間、トリシアの笑い声が静まった機内に響き渡ったのでした。

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Trip to America~there must be an angle 続き~


While talking, I was becoming sleepy. It was a comfortable feeling I got for the first time in the three days and I fell into a sleep... When I work up a few hours later, I was flying over Manhattan. I found myself getting better and kind of stronger. I felt like getting some power for my next adventure. I told Tricia (Tricia was her name) how much I got better thanks to her. Tricia looked a bit surprised and said, “It’s not me. It’s God. God touched you.” Though I am not a religious person, the warm feeling I had at that time let me believe in the existence of something. Then she improvised a prayer to wish me luck and gave a small booklet about God. What a wonderful experience (Have any of you had someone who said a prayer for you??)! Yet I don’t practice any religion, I still remember that it seemed as if something was beside me at the moment. If “something” existed, she may have been an angel. Thank you, Tricia!

そして、目を覚ますと陸地の上空を飛んでいたのでした。「ここどこ?」(私)「マンハッタンよ!」(トリシア 注:ホントは英語です)

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Trip to America⑨ ~機上編:there must be an angle~

An actress, Marion Cotillard, said, “there is some angels in this city (Los Angels),” in her speech on the Oscar night last year. After spending for 3 days in Indiana, I flew to NY. As I couldn’t sleep well in Indiana during my stay, I felt tired and got nervous to go to NY, because I was going to be all alone there. In the plane, I met an angel too...
I sat next to a woman who was nice and sweet. She was going to Africa to work on an activity of Christianity. After having a small talk, she asked me if I believed in God. This is a difficult question. Though Japanese people are believed to be Buddhist, it is not exactly true. Most Japanese people are not so religious. As for me, I don’t practice any religion, and I think religion is like a guideline for Japanese people to live rightly. In other words, it is kind of philosophy. I told her so with my poor English. She listened to me patiently as if I was a child or her student.

to be continued...


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The other day, a TV newscaster told that Nike was going to cut down 1400 people. The newscaster continued, “Nike says, when it comes to layoff, there might be no choice, but JUST DO IT.” Did I hear that right?


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Trip to America⑧~Can you say it?~

How do you pronounce the word “ticket”? As I mentioned it before here, I joined an English class in Indiana. The teacher told that we, the students studying English as a second language, do not pronounce the word “ticket” properly and it sounds as if it is a two-syllable word. It is interesting. I knew the word was a one-syllable word and I thought I could say it clearly. I must care about the pronunciation when I say it from now on.


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